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Friday, January 09, 2009

tiger bay live at last

Eventually Tiger and my mates from the early 90's....have actually agreed a date for our reincarnation....Sunday 12th April at the Commercial Inn in Pudsey. For all the upto date info or just to laugh at the old pictures in the history section see the new web site at or hit the link in the sidebar. The 2009 version features all new material and not the rock you saw in the 90's...I wonder.................

Adverse Camber have the following gigs in 2009

Sat 10th January private party HOPETOWN CLUB Normanton
Sat 17th January ROYAL OAK Kippax
Sun 15th February GRAZIERS Stanley Wakefield (Andy's birthday do) 5pm
Sat 21st Feb BAY HORSE Marygate York
Sun 1st March BAR ST Wakefield
Fri 6th March UNION Wakefield
Sat 14th March private party HENRY BOONS Wakefield
Fri 27th March HARK TO MOPSEY Normanton
Sat 28th March OLD MASONS ARMS Woodlesford
Sat 4th April JESTERS Ackworth
Sun 5th April CRIMEA Castleford
Thurs 9th April BAR ST Wakefield
Sat 11th April private party Pontefract
Fri 24th April OLD MASONS ARMS Woodlesford
Sat 25th April CASTLEFORD PANTHERS Castleford
Sat 2nd May GARDNERS ARMS Lofthouse Wakefield
Thurs 14th May BAR ST Wakefield
Sat 16th May FOURWAY Castleford
Sat 23rd May charity event CROSS KEYS MORLEY (5pm)
Sat 23rd May GOLDEN LION Pudsey (9.15pm)
sat 29th May CROSS KEYS Morley
Fri 5th June GRAZIERS Market st Wakefield centre
Sat 13th June GRAZIERS Stanley Wakefield
Sat 20th June private party Crofton
Sun 21st June SUN INN Hunslet Leeds
FRi 26th June BRONTE Normanton
Sat 4th July private party Wakefield
Sun 5th july BAR ST Wakefield
Sat 11th July JESTERS Ackworth
Sun 12th July GRAZIERS Stanley Wakefield
Sun 16th August BAR ST Wakefield
Sat 29th Aug LUPSET HOTEL Wakefield
Sun 30th Aug GRAZIERS SUMMER EVENT Wakefield (outdoor) afternoon
Sat 5th September GARDNERS ARMS Lofthouse Wakefield
Sat 12th September WHITWOOD Castleford
FRi 25th September OLD MASONS ARMS Woodlesford
Fri 2nd Oct BRONTE Normanton
Sun 4th Oct BAR ST Wakefield
Sat 10th Oct GRAZIERS Stanley Wakefield
Fri 16th Oct SLIPPER Crofton
Fri 6th Nov THE WHITWOOD Castleford outdoor plus fireworks
Sat 7th Nov TRAVELLERS Stanley Wakefield
Fri 13th November CROSS KEYS Morley
Sat 21st November HALFWAY HOUSE Robin Hood Wakefield
Fri 27th November OLD MASONS ARMS Woodlesford
Sun 6th December GRAZIERS Stanley Wakefield 5.30pm
Sat 12th December BAR ST Wakefield
Sun 20th December THE LION Castleford
Sat 26th Dec GRAZIERS Stanley Wakefield 5.30pm