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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

hot stuff at the graziers

As predicted the temperature in the Graziers on Saturday night felt like 50 degrees but it failed to put a damper on anything.......even Rick's shorts.

Roared on by the "home " crowd the band perspired their way through another energetic set. Once again our Killers cover lit the blue touch paper and we never looked back.

Many thanks to Rita at the Graziers and everyone who endured the heat to make our night another beauty.

Here's some more hot stuff.......she wasn't at the Graziers but maybe next time.


waaaaaa No1........who put that bl***y pedal board there!!!
and....... waaaaaa!! No2................. This is the moment captured for all time when Mick and Andy found out that they were not getting their dummys back until after the gig!