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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

How I create my version of music

For all the techy heads out there this is the gear I use onstage.
My main guitar is a Black Les Paul Custom 1974 with a Seymour Duncan custom 5 pickup in the bridge position. Alternatives are a Hamer Californian 1988 in midnight blue and a Tokai Explorer sporting a dimarzio 36th anniversary PAF in the bridge position. This is usually prepared with alternate tunings. The original signal from guitar is fed to an AKG wireless system reciever then through my Zoom G9.2tt signal processor to my awesome Rivera M100 2x12 combo amp.
Due to my delight with my Rivera I now also possess an R100 2x2 Rivera combo as a backup.
This is the current result of about 20 years tinkering and for the first time I am totally happy with the sound (at least for this week).


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