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Friday, March 10, 2006

band history 1977-1978

Myself,Robin and Charlie having tasted the big time!! did not wish to quit yet but we were without our mentor Les and Simon(Verts) who had reputedly gone on a visit to his own planet.We continued our association wth the Fountain Inn in Morley but we needed a vocalist and a bass player. Robin decided to migrate to bass and fellow drinker Alan Ward became the vocalist. Since these were punk times ability to sing did not seem important. This band was GULLIVER.
GULLIVER (1977/78)

  • Alan Ward - Vocals
  • Robin Buttrey - bass
  • Charlie James - drums
We played mainly original material, all of us having some hand in the outcome. During 1977 and early 1978 we played locally at such long lost Leeds venues as Vivas Wine bar - a live band every night - The Haddon Hall, and the prestigious Fforde Grene (how we got to play there I'll never know) gathering a small but enthusiastic band of followers along the way. We even got as far as Dewsbury as the pic above from the Turk's Head proves! We added my old mate and ex Dirty Doris drummer Rob Wells to play extra percussion but unfortunately it couldn't mask our lack of real quality or our general appeal so we agreed we had taken things as far as they could go.


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