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Thursday, May 22, 2008

new adverse camber gig

We have just agreed to fill a cancellation at O'Donaghues in Wakefield on Sat 31st May with Adverse Camber. Next gig for me is next Bank Holiday Monday 26th with Fifty-50 at the Graziers in Stanley at 5.30pm. Always vey busy and very hot...and very enjoyable.

Monday, May 12, 2008

chopper aid

No it's not U2 it's Adverse Camber!!

Just gone through a weekend of contrasting fortunes. After the disappointment of our scheduled friday gig with Fifty/50 at the Tut n Shive in Yeadon being cancelled at short notice to a double booking, attentions then turned to Adverse Camber's appearance at the annual charity barn dance in Sharlston in aid of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. We were flattered to asked to headline this evening event in a barn on School House Farm in the village. Due to the size of the venue we arranged what turned out to be a very impressive lighting rig and PA system courtesy of Graham Kearsley who along with Fifty/50's own Rockin' Rick Parkinson provided all the technical wizardry.

So commencing at 10am on Saturday we began the loading of three vans full of gear and some six hours later had transported it and set it up. The co-operation we recieved from the hosts was incredible and apart from worrying a few cows all was in place for a fine evening show.

All went well apart from losing all power just into the second set but after about 10mins delay all was restored and we crawled exhausted off stage at about 12.30am. On reflection perhaps the 11.30 start of that set was a little late. By that time only the battle hardened drinkers were still up and rocking amongst the the scattered bottles cans and comatose or sleeping revellers.

Still it appears that plenty of cash was raised for the cause. It only then remained to return on Sunday at 10am once again to dismantle the whole show,pack it back into the vans and return it all to whence it came. All done by mid afternoon. A helluva lot of work for one show but all for a good cause. Big thanks to all our supporters and know who you are.
Some pics below should give a flavour of the day.
Early in the day whilst setting up Mick got an admirer.....nice hair..not bad body but a bit of a big nose!!

Mick Hayward and Simon Kennerley

Immense thanks to Rockin' Rick and Graham for the sound and lights.