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Friday, April 25, 2008

back on the blog

After months of having vey little of interest to report I have finally been spurred into action so a brief catch up is in order.
Firstly I have radically changed my guitar set up mainly by changing my guitar amp. After years of Marshall allegiance in now use a Rivera M100 2x12 combo..details are in the upgraded quick click to my gear on the sidebar.
Also updated is the current Fifty-50 gig list for 2008.
However the bigger news is that since the back end of 2007 alongside Fifty-50 I now play guitar for Adverse Camber and even more shocking comes the revelation that there is to be a reforming of Tiger Bay with all my original buddies from the final 1996 line up. Details of that period in my history will appear in my band history section when I finally catch up. Check out the current Tiger Bay goings on by visiting the website listed in my updated links section.


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