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Thursday, August 28, 2008

the hog didn't make it

Is this the Graziers!!?

Just to let everyone know what a success Sundays charity day at the Graziers was. Large thanks are in order to Graham Kearsley and sound man ’H’ for the superb staging, PA, and sound. The Graziers car park was transformed with several large parasols and straw bales for seating. However at 1pm as we were sound checking the bass and drums the pub had their first complaint from a neighbour who announced that the "bass was vibrating her back door" . Lucky I was not on the other end of the phone ’cos my retort would have been "in that case why not face the other way and you may enjoy it!!" This was before the full band played a note. Needless to say she made further complaints later but we battled on. Amazingly the weather was fantastic and consequently the size of the crowd and money raised was incredible. The hog never made it past 5pm .
A great set from Anything but Cute opened proceedings...even complied with my request for Feeder’s Just a Day.
John Kemp then gave us an acoustic set
followed by Adverse Camber who were joined by ex Eric and Bare Essentials Phil Wardle on 2nd guitar for half a dozen songs. The second set featured a guest spot on vocals from Camber sound man and fifty/50 drummer rockin’ Rick Parkinson who loosened the wax in everyone’s ears with his rendition of Whole lotta Rosie and Led Zep’s Rock and Roll among others. One of the most enjoyable days gigging I have ever done. Thanks to all who contributed their hard earned cash in aid of Wakefield Hospice.


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